About Us

Started its commercial life in 2009, Onka was founded by famous artist and businessman Okan Karacan. Onka became institutionalized in 2013 became a group company. Onka Group, the media, the scene and food companies served as Turkey’s most important brands in three categories and continues to serve.

Onka Group operates with different and innovative ideas, more than fifty employees, sub-suppliers and operations offices to create brands, promote a brand and organization. The company derives its modern technical infrastructure from the examples in Europe and America and the working systems of these examples.

Okan Karacan’s different perspective, discipline and trust principles creat Onka Group. Onka Group is the leading company in the sector today.

Onka Group is a company that can do everything one brand needs from a single source. The Onka Group is a company to not unsubstantiated in Turkey …

Our Vision

Our highly experienced team in the field, using its expertise to bring a unique perspective to the industry and announced the name of the international platform to be a national brand has set itself as a vision.

Accordingly, we are committed to providing top quality services to our customers.

Our Mission

With our innovative ideas, creative solutions, different point of view and quality service, we aim to maintain our position in the sector and to take firm steps towards becoming a permanent brand.

Ören Karacan

Honorary President

Okan Karacan


Zeynep Karacan

Deputy Chairman