Honorary President

Ören Karacan

Chairman & Founder

Okan Karacan

Okan Karacan was born on April 16, 1977 in Istanbul of as the son with a housewife mother and a mechanical engineer father. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education at Terakki Foundation Private Şişli Terakki High School. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory, Turkish Music Musicology Department. Karacan, who decided to institutionalize in 2013, has established the de “ONKA GROUP”, a full service agency that continues its operation today. In time, the agency returned to the group company; quality service is provided in many areas such as advertising, food, building media and retail sector. Karacan; In this respect, the agency manages its attention to the elements such as quality, excellence, innovation and trust that are of great importance in life.

Deputy Chairman

Zeynep Karacan

She was born in Bursa on 01.10.1985, after graduating from Bursa High School for Boys, she graduated from Maltepe University, Department of Interior Architecture. First work experience Show TV also made in the decor and programs section. After working there for 2 years, he founded Onka Group in 2013 with Okan Karacan.

Board of Directors Member

Ercan Arkat

He studied management and organization at Anadolu University. He studied Computer Programming at Yaşar Bilgi İşlem (YABİM). Her professional career began in the “EFES PİLSEN” company of Anadolu Endüstri Holding. After working as a Project Manager at “TAD-Pİ GIDA A.Ş.” He served as an instructor in Maltepe University within the scope of European Union Active Workforce Programs Project. MINISTRY OF FAMILY AND SOCIAL POLICIES gave personal development training to its staff. “REFINED SALT BİLLUR Inc.” was found in Turkey Sales Manager. Since 2009, he has begun to take place with his own television programs in visual media. He is a Board Member of ONKA GROUP.

Board of Directors Member

Mehmet Ali Nalbant

Director and Academician Mehmet Ali Nalbant began his career in photography in 1986, after which he served in various positions in national and international journalism and television. He has shot documentaries in nearly a hundred countries around the world on 7 continents. Undergraduate and postgraduate academic, who taught at universities in Turkey and then in the US Cinema TV field of doctoral training farrier, the company is located in the ONKA MEDIA company is CEO and Chairman of the Agency. Mehmet Ali Nalbant, who is well known with his creative works, has brought a new breath to the sector especially in the field of advertising.

Board of Directors Member

Mehmet Alp Elmalı

Television legend Çarkıfelek program one of the first producers in Turkey. For many years, he worked as a coordinator for Show TV programs. She took part in the founding team of Show Tv and Cnn and served as the General Manager of Show Max. His interest in food culture provided free to discover the chef known throughout Turkey. Elmalı, who enjoys riding, traveling, swimming and hiking, has two sons. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors at Onka Group, the founder of Okan Karaca.